Rosemarie Ramsumair

Business Manager

Rosemarie Ramsumair was brought on the Ajustco team in 2017 as a Business Manager involved in the core aspects of the business including finances, marketing, sales and production. She works closely with both Jason Stile and Jamie Walsh in the day to day operations of the company.

Rosemarie started her career very early in Trinidad working with Hydro Tech and major energy companies, on the business side, such as Amoco Trinidad Oil Company and Fluor Daniel. She spent some time living on Borneo, Indonesia exposed to the expatriate community through Unocal. During this time, she traveled most of South East Asia and Australia. After moving to America, she worked with Pfizer for more than ten years on the administrative side in various parts of the organization: Speaker Operations, HIV Sales, Operations and the Legal Division. She also assisted with the Accounting of the Institute for Hermetic Philosophy for more than five years.

Rosemarie holds a bachelor’s degree in International Business from Berkeley College.

Rosemarie is also a Certified Holistic Health Coach. She enjoys working with young children and loves living life the natural way.