Ajustco’s mission is to provide simple solutions to common problems found in the hardware retail and construction industry.

Ajustco is the creative company founded by Jason Stile, Arman Rousta and Jamie Walsh whose main focus is developing, marketing and the sale of IP products in the hardware and construction industry.

Our flagship product “Ajust Lock” is our solution to the common problem of lock misalignment. This is caused by humidity, cold, or the settling of the structure. Sometimes it is also the installation placing the lock offset right off the bat.

Ajustco now has a family of products including the Scribe It, AjustHook, Braz Latch, and the Anchoring Products.



Adjustable Barrel Bolt Lock

Easily eliminate door shifting issues by using an adjustable catch bolt lock


Safety Built In!

Anchors for shaft nets, perimeter nets, harnesses and easy connection point for mep equipment. Anchorbox saves lives!

Anchor Thread

Safety Built In!

Ready to use threaded anchor point for safety, mep, and various ceiling grid applications

Anchor Tube

Safety Built In!

Provides an immediate anchoring attachment point for CMU block


Adjustable Hanging Kit

Hang multiple frames quickly, evenly and easily with adjustable vertical strips


Triple Action Latch

The Safest And Smartest Latch Triple action latch that prevents animals from opening any gate or door


Reveal Marking Tool

Scribe-It was designed to simplify the measuring and marking process required for door, window and other trim work that requires an 1/8″ reveal in increments up to 3/4″.

Our Team

Jason Stile
Co-Founder & CEO
Jamie Walsh
Co-Founder & COO
Adam Peters
Vice President
Production Quality Control Engineer
Juliet Zheng
Chief Production Officer
Rosemarie Ramsumair
Business Manager