We imagine a world where construction site safety is never a concern, and we innovate to make that a reality. Our commitment to quality drives us to continuously improve and exceed our customers’ expectations.

Our Mission

Ajustco’s mission is to provide simple solutions to common problems found in the retail hardware market and the construction industry.

What We Do

We IMAGINE new possibilities, ideas, and concepts for the construction world. We think beyond current limitations and seek a better way to generate new products that will improve the future of construction.

We INNOVATE building upon the imaginative foundation. Innovation involves the practical application of novel ideas. Our team encompasses the process of developing and refining these ideas into tangible solutions, products, or approaches that bring about positive change or advancement.

We IMPROVE and emphasize the continuous betterment of existing systems, processes, or products. The team refines and optimizes each project through ongoing feedback, and learning. Our improvements reflect a commitment to enhancing the quality, efficiency, and effectiveness of the final product.

Anchor Thread

Our new cast-in-place anchoring system is taking the construction world by surprise. Who thought there could be a stronger, safer, cleaner and faster way to anchor? It’s soon to become the industry standard for all contracters to take advantage of.

Visit Anchor Thread’s website for more information on our award winning safety products.

Awards & Recognition

Since our founding, we’ve been driven to build better solutions to common problems in construction. We’re honored to have been recognized over the past decade on many occasions by our peers and organizations we admire for simply living our mission every day. We are honored by all of these recognitions:

Our Accomplishments

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