Jason Stile

Co-Founder & CEO

Ajust Lock is the brainchild of Jason Stile, an inventive handyman who literally dreamt up the solution to this common security problem while volunteering on a building project. He encountered the typical problem of door misalignment that impacted the ability to properly utilize the existing (traditional) barrel bolt lock to secure the door. Soon thereafter, the idea for AjustLock came upon him in a dream; and he immediately popped out of bed to draw a sketch for what is now the AjustLock!

Jason has been coming up with ideas since his days as a youth, having thought of two innovations that are now in the market through others who came on far after he had the ideas. He first learned from watching his Dad drink beer from a glass mug placed in the freezer, that the long lasting cooled gel of an ice pack could be placed inside the wall of the mug. He shared this idea with his family and too young to move forward, was disappointed to see this same idea materialized by someone else five years later. 12 years later he thought of a disposable toothbrush. Still too young to know how to begin the difficult task of bringing ideas to life, he watched Colgate later successfully take on this task to create the Wisp which is sold in almost every grocery store and pharmacy in the US. With AjustLock, he wasn’t going to let someone else get to market first.

Jason has spent the past 10 years building Ajustco from the ground up.  He has the well rounded experience to bring an idea to life through all of the stages required.  From research and development, to generating the dies and setting up manufacturing, packaging design, integrating into the GS1 system, finding a place in a major retailer, coordinating delivery locally or internationally, all the way to the shelf or peg.  Jason continues to expand Ajustco’s line of IP products and to develop its reputation in the industry for creating quality products that are delivered on time anywhere in the world.